Hi Travel Lovers, today is all about What To Do in 72h in Marrakech

Unfortunately, we only had 3 days to visit Marrakech. Between photo shoots for brands, we actually had less than that. I say unfortunately because the city had much to offer in every sense of the word.

It’s a dream destination for several people, and with good reason.


Le Cantine Des Gazelles Marrakech

1- Stay in a Riad

If you want to have a full-on experience of what it is to live in a place where architecture reminds you of mystical houses, you have to stay in a Riad. For those who might not know this, a Riad is a typical Moroccan house. They are built with red clay or mud bricks, which gives a pink colour all over the building. Most Riads have fantastic art pieces on the walls and ceiling, made with tiles. It is a joy for sore eyes. Some of the houses also have a little garden or pond in the middle of them. And if you look up you can see the sky. Yes, Riads have an open ceiling. Where you can observe the beautiful night sky while having your tea.

There is a huge amount of these traditional buildings that can be booked for your vacations, at very affordable prices. Yeah!

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2 – Visit the Souks

The Souks are little streets that are full (I mean immensely full!) of tiny shops. You might be wondering what is sold in these tiny shops?! Well, everything you can imagine. From drawings to tapestry, dates, peanuts, medicinal herbs, pants, dresses, juices,… And the list goes on. It is an overload of smells, colours, people talking, you name it.

If you like excitement, this is the place to be. However, just a few words of caution. In some shops taking photos is not allowed. Also, every item has to be negotiated in terms of the price you will pay. Because if you pay the first price the sellers ask you, you might be paying to much. It’s almost certain.

Be prepared to stand your ground. Several sellers will call you, some will shout at you, some will intimidate you to buy. Just say no firmly and walk away if you feel uncomfortable. They will give up.

Apuro Vegan Bar Porto


3 – Eat in a “not so fancy” restaurant

There are those types of restaurants that will be full of tourists. Of course, we went to one of those. However one of the best meals I had was in a restaurant far away from the Medina, far away from the centre of the city. From hummus to tahini, to baba ghanoush, to roasted vegetables, we had it all. The price?! 7eur each! It was so good, traditional, with mostly locals and with several vegan options. Fantastic!

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4 – Take a Marrocan Tea in a Terrace

My favourite part about visiting Marrakech?! Having Tea in a terrace! To have the chance to go to one and see the whole of Marrakech, and in the background, the Mountains is a privilege. It is like a scene from a movie.

The first one we went to was a small cafe/tea shop. We were taking photos, videos and talking to friends when Prayer Time started. We could hear the voices of the men, doing their prayer that sounds like a magical and holy tune. I could feel the buzz of the city calming down and just embraced that moment. I had teary eyes because everything was perfect.

The second one was a terrace from a Riad we were taking architecture photos for the owner. We did some beautiful panoramic shoots, that will remind us of how incredible the view was.

Fangas Mercearia Bar


5 – Visit the Jemaa el-Fnaa

This is the most famous square in all of Marrakech. It’s a micro representation of several cultures all around the World concentrated in a specific place.

Everything is for sale and although things in Marrakech are affordable, this square has in average the highest prices. You can walk around and look at different products and sellers, engage in some conversations meeting a few different people.

There are also little tea spots where you can eat and drink enjoy the busy square market.

Vegans although beware. There are animals in the square being used for tourist entertainment. Monkeys and snakes in particular. It is not an easy thing to see. Be warned.

Veggie Fest 2018 São João da Madeira


6 – Don’t forget about the Parks

It was in my mind to visit the Yves Saint Laurent Park. I mean, is that an Instagramable place or what?!

But we did not have more time in our hands to do it. The final decision was to just try and visit the Parks closer to us. The Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park and the Park El Harti.

It’s always good to visit a park in busy cities. I am grateful for the green in these parks that made my mind calm down from all the fuss. The Cyber Park his bigger and more organised. It also has fountains and it appears to be a place for innocent lovers to proclaims their love.

I loved the second one though. It was like entering a magical garden with a tube of different herbs that you can go through and kiss your loved one.

Hope you like this article What To Do in 72h in Marrakech.

What are you most excited to visit in Marrakech?! Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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What to Do in 72h in Marrakech