Welcome to Hippie and Corporate Travel Adventures,

This little corner of our website is dedicated to the travels we do while working or just having fun! We do not take a lot of vacations, but we are lucky to be able to meet new countries, cities, people and cultures through our work trips.

This will be the place to explore that side of us, that impacts so much our day to day lives.

We are also going to post about media content creation focusing on sharing knowledge. How we do things we do, why we do it, the importance of creating something that resonates with your audience.

We do analyse life through the eyes of a Traveler. Everything becomes more open, more exciting, new things are happening all the time. Traveling also allows us to incorporate new points of view on our projects. It opens the spectrum of our mind!

It is the most personal side of our venture. It is also the side that shows that there are always humans behind a project.

It is also important to show what makes Hippie and Corporate tick: Create Content, Sales, Marketing associated with Experience. This will be the place to share knowledge, ask questions and vibrate with new tech. Especially green, sustainable tech.

Join Us in this Ride of Travelling, Vegan Vibes, Content Creation and Green Tech!

We are always looking for new writers to join our team and be apart of this exciting World! For more info send us an email to [email protected]

Talk to you soon!

Hippie and Corporate Team