Hi Travel Lovers, today is all about Le Cantine Des Gazelles Marrakech

It has been more than a month now that we have been in Marrakech. If there is one thing I miss from there is the food! We talked about our experience working for a personal Chef there. For a company called Kalavrìca. Have you seen the article yet? It is worth a read especially if you are going to visit this mystical city.

Anyway, our first lunch in Marrakech was such a great treat. It was the first time that we went to the Medina. It was an overload of people, smells, colours, noise, everything you could imagine.

In the middle of the Medina, there is a little restaurant called La Cantine Des Gazelles, that offers vegan options. It is divided into two. The main part with the kitchen is on one side of the street. The other part was exactly in front, with just a few tables. The waiters had to cross the tiny street to deliver the food. 

The restaurant was as kitsch as you can get. It was pink all over! Tiny tables for two or three, with flowers in the middle. So much cuteness!

Le Cantine Des Gazelles Marrakech


Let’s talk about food! 

For entrees, we had seasoned olives with oregano and olive oil. The olives were high quality and tasty as olives can be. Always a great starter!

Enjoy Vegan Barcelona


Green sweet peppers marinated in Olive oil, and roasted eggplant with a tomato sauce. I ate these ones with traditional bread, it was so good. The flavour was super intense and you could feel that the eggplant was cooked slowly. 

Kalavrìca South Italian and African Inspired Cooking


The first main course was a vegetable tajine. Tajine is a traditional Morrocan dish, where the vegetables are slowly cooked, in a special pot made for the effect. It withstands high heat and retains the vapour of the food. It is normally served on the table with the same pot it is cooked on. This one had potatoes, peas, carrots, tomatoes,…Delicious!


The second main course was a vegetable couscous, also roasted. It was served in the tajine pot. The chickpeas, courgettes, tomatoes, and onions, were full of flavour. Rich taste in succulent juices. You could tell they put a lot of care into cooking the meals. 


We accompanied this meal with a Moroccan Tea. And Marrocan Tea means that it is extra sweet, so bear that in mind when you ask for one.

The overall opinion of the Le Cantine Des Gazelles Marrakech? The food is traditional, with intense flavours and great options for vegans. It is a very busy place so if you want a seat at the table, go early. If you are looking for a quiet place to eat, this is not the restaurant for you. But if you want to watch how life unfolds in the Medina while eating a meal, it is perfect.

Have you tried the traditional Tajine? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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