It is the most personal side of our venture. How to Travel as a Couple

Oh, we do have some stories about travelling as a couple. Our adult life was one big journey together, so 95% of all travels, we made it as a couple.

There are ups and downs, smile, laughter and tears. But it is always new, it is always exciting, and there is always an adventure just around the corner. Our work “makes” us travel to places that we have to appreciate our hours off. This has allowed us a bigger understanding of time management. But certainly also how to collaborate with each other in a way that can increase our possibilities of enjoying deeply a place.

How to Travel as a Couple

We made a little video talking about this subject. It was super fun to make and so personal. This side of us is such a cute and engaging side, that we think you should see it!

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The Hippie and Corporate Team