Vegan Travel Couple

Hippie and Corporate is all about Photography for Travel, Lifestyle and Architecture with a Vegan Couple Perspective

Hippie and Corporate website was born from the need to break the norm from the 9 to 5 jobs, the routine, the same old vibe.

Living in a Van for 7 months in the UK was the first of many steps to have a life on the road, in constant movement and in constant excitement.

As a vegan eco-friendly couple, we try to travel in a sustainable way without missing a thing of the fun that it is travelling as two people in love.

To take photos, write articles and share them on social media gives us great joy and creative inspiration.

Let us take you on this journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, embracing new ways of seeing the World and new challenges with a kind and compassionate heart! 

Here is a list with some of the things you can expect to see in our website. We are open to new ways of approaching the travelling team so feel free to contact us with new and refreshing ideas of what you want us to share the most. Sharing is Caring! 

  • Eco-Tourism and ways to achieve sustainable travelling

  • Eco/Vegan City Guide for Vegan Travel Lovers and all that want to create a better impact to the environment

  • Photography Hack, Tips and Tricks

  • All about Hostel/Van Living

  • Travel Diaries from all the Cities we Visit

  • Travelling as a Couple, in love with our differences 


The people behind Hippie and Corporate!

Travelling Europe to document vegan friendly spaces and promote Eco tourism, for couples and adventure seekers. This is our Life and we hope to be inspired by yours…  

João Camilo


The Hippie of the Team. Always smiling, making other people happy. Specialized in Architecture and Lifestyle Photography. Seeker of Dreams.

Rita Silva

Content Creator/Manager

The Corporate of the Team. Social Media Nerd and Content Creator. Writer in her soul, passionate about a Green way of Life.

Judith Pressler


Woman, Mother of two beautiful girls and a believer. Judith is an Independent documentary photographer.


Diogo Candelot


Creator of Art in Movement. Passionate about life, about his family. Biggest genuine smile in the world.



We work with brands, hostels, tourism companies, restaurants creating visual content for their websites and social media outlets. Promoting a sustainable Lifestyle for all you Travel Lovers out there.